Well-functioning workstations? What would I do without PCs and laptops? What impact would a system failure have on your business? You bring your car to service - awarum not your PCs too? Managed Workstations monitors and checks the condition of your computers around the clock:

  •     You get a clear picture of each workstation
  •     Problem reports are created
  •     Possible risks are highlighted
  •     Software can be updated and upgraded
  •     The performance is increased
  •     Failures are prevented
  •     You receive ongoing support

We take care of your workstations so you can focus on building your business and increasing your revenue.

The solution

We monitor, maintain and provide support for your workstations. Around the clock.


Round-the-clock health check.

Early problem detection.

You can work trouble-free.


Automatic patch and update installation. Increases PC performance.

You can work smarter.


Combines monitoring and maintenance.

Helpdesk support.

Protects against failures.