Are you prepared for downtime?

How would you manage without your IT systems? What if you could not access important emails or files? Managed Backup helps protect your systems, minimize data loss, and keep your business running:

■ Monitoring your data

■ Clear overview of all systems

■ Risk analysis

■ Regular reports

■ Highlighting potential issues

■ Backup and backup services

■ Fast and flexible access to data

■ Avoid downtime

■ Archive functions

So your data is always available to you, and your business growth and yield increases nothing stands in the way.


We monitor and analyze your IT systems and fix problems as needed. Around the clock.

Availability monitoring

Antivirus, connectivity and backup

Regular reports and health checks


Maintaining the connection

Recovery Management

Data, archive and continuity services

Vulnerability and virus management


Fast deployment

Risk analysis for your system

Quarterly risk analysis

System planning and tests


Lower risk of downtime